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How is NOSK Better Than a Face Mask?

Working in a dusty environment and having a tendency towards allergies isn’t a good combination. You can’t exactly quit your job, so the only choice you have had until now is to wear a face mask so you don’t breathe in allergens that set off your symptoms. Anyone, or allergy sufferers in particular, can tell you, it’s impossible to focus on working when you’re constantly sneezing, itching, wiping your eyes and nose, and maybe even struggling to breathe.

While a face mask keeps you from inhaling particles that cause allergy symptoms, it can be uncomfortable to wear. Sweating is a common complaint among people who need to wear a face mask. If you wear glasses, your breath creates a fog when you breathe into the mask that steams your glasses to the point that you can’t see clearly. Until NOSK came along, many allergy-prone workers had to decide between taking their chances with allergy triggers or wearing an uncomfortable mask.

Introducing NOSK

NOSK is an FDA and CE-approved nasal filter that is discreet and not cumbersome to wear. You place a lightweight filter into each nostril to prevent you from breathing in substances that trigger your allergy symptoms. It’s ideal for people with hay fever as well as those frequently exposed to dust, smog, iron ore dust, pollen and ultra fine particles.




How NOSK Prevents You from Inhaling Allergens

NOSK has passed rigorous safety standards for skin problems, toxicity, and sensitization. It comes with a small clip that isn’t viewable to anyone else once you put the filters inside of each nostril. This is just one of its many benefits.

After removing your NOSK product from the package, place one filter into each nostril. You then set each filter by taking a deep breath through your nose. As you exhale the breath, the filter contracts and enables the air to flow out from your nose. The Ultra Microfilter is appropriate to block allergens, dust, dust mites, iron ore dust, smog, ultra-fine particles and yellow dust.

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Dream Air Company is located in Korea, but our product is available worldwide. Place your order for NOSK nasal filters on Amazon today!