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How NOSK Compares to Common Allergy Relief Products

If the sniffling, sneezing, and congestion of allergies has you down, it is time to perk up; there’s a new remedy that is having a dramatic effect in the way allergy sufferers treat their symptoms.

NOSK nasal filters are a simple and effective allergy relief product that offers numerous benefits.

What is NOSK?

NOSK is a small filter-like device that is placed inside of the nostril where it works to filter out pollen, dust, and other irritants to offer immediate allergy relief with virtually no side effects at all. Users also experience these additional benefits:

  • Drug-Free Allergy Relief

  • Natural & Safe: approved by both CE and FDA in the United States and three international safety agencies in Europe, NOSK offers natural relief that is both safe and effective.

  • Discreet & Comfortable: NOSK has been designed with both comfort and discretion in mind. The strips are so thin they are virtually invisible and so comfortable, you can eat, drink and talk normally when using them.

How Does NOSK Compare to Traditional Allergy Relief Products?

If you suffer from seasonal allergies or environmental irritants, the odds are good that you have tried just about every product on the market that promises relief. So, how do NOSK nasal filters compare? Let’s take a quick look:

  • Facial Masks. Wearing an allergy mask when outdoors can be an effective way to keep pollen and dust from aggravating your symptoms, but let’s face it, the look isn’t all that flattering, and they can be uncomfortable to wear. NOSK offers a discreet alternative that allows you to venture outdoors without the risk of a sneezing attack. Slipped discreetly into the nostrils, these ultra-thin filter strips block irritants from entering the nose and airways where they can elicit an allergy attack.


  • Standard Allergy Medications. Medicines such as Zyrtec, Claritin, or even common nasal sprays may help curb your symptoms, but these products can also cause a myriad of side effects including tiredness, grogginess, sore throats and even nosebleeds. NOSK offers all of the benefits of an effective allergy relief treatment without the side effects that can disrupt your day. Leave that groggy fog brain behind and enjoy your day with the NOSK nostril filter. It is designed to block allergens from your body so you can live symptom-free without any concern about how your treatment will affect your life.

  • Steam Inhalers. While steam inhalers, vaporizers, and nebulizers can all offer some relief for more severe allergy symptoms, they can be both costly and difficult to use. They are bulky to take with you and can be noisy to try and use inconspicuously at school or work. Plus, the cost of the machine and medications used in them is much higher than simply slipping in a NOSK nasal filter. Plus, NOSK can be used anywhere, and at any time, making them the simplest allergy relief available.

Where to Find NOSK

If you are ready to try a whole new kind of allergy relief, then it is time to turn to NOSK. The simple and effective NOSK nasal filters can now be found on Amazon.