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Mowing Grass with NOSK

Spring has sprung and you couldn't be happier — until it is time to mow the grass! While a thick blanket of grass and plenty of flowers may make your home’s landscaping look great, it can wreak havoc on your health when you suffer from seasonal allergies. From coughing and sneezing fits to repeated infections and even asthma flares, pollen-driven allergies are no fun.

Allergy Season Begins

It all begins in the spring when the trees and flowers sprout. Then the summer months bring grass and weeds, followed by an abundance of ragweeds to contend with as fall approaches. Dealing with all of that pollen can leave an allergy sufferer downright miserable. For many, that means either locking themselves indoors with a quality air filter or wearing an uncomfortable (and unsightly) mask when tackling outdoor yard work.

NOSK Offers a Better Way

Don’t let seasonal allergies condemn you to the inside all spring and summer long. It is time to enjoy the bright sunshine and warm weather!  And now, thanks to an innovative new personal filtration aid developed by top Ear, Nose and Throat specialists, NOSK offers real relief — without the discomfort, danger or cost of other remedies.

A safe, all-natural relief aid for asthma and allergy suffers, NOSK is a small nasal filter that works to filter the air you breathe. Nearly invisible, and very comfortable, these small strips virtually eliminate the inhalation of allergens, giving users the freedom to enjoy the outdoors anytime.


How NOSK Works

NOSK works by filtering out allergens from the air as you breathe it in through your nose. Simple to use, the NOSK nasal strips are easily inserted into the nasal cavity, and a single breath sets them in place. Once inserted, the filter begins to clean the air being breathed in of all kinds of allergens. From pollen and dust to hazardous substances and industrial dust, NOSK offers the perfect nasal filter solution designed to protect the nasal passages from the kind of allergen infiltration that can make you sick.

NOSK Offers Amazing Results

Those who have used the NOSK nasal filters report amazing results, experiencing instant relief from allergies while mowing their yard or working in their garden. Offering relief from both allergy symptoms and their dependence on medications that can leave them drowsy, and masks that can be uncomfortable to wear, users are touting NOSK as the answer to their allergy problems.

Stop worrying about allergy or asthma flares this summer season. Use NOSK to block allergens from causing those annoying symptoms and enjoy the outdoors again.


Order Your NOSK Nasal Filters Now!

If you're tired of constantly sneezing while mowing the grass, it's time to purchase NOSK. NOSK nasal filters are now available for purchase on Amazon.