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Suffering from Spring Allergies? NOSK Can Help!


Spring — the season that wields a double-edged sword. You love the longer days and rising temperatures, but the sudden presence of pollen can turn your affections into dread. Now that we're finally past cold and flu season, you suddenly find yourself sneezing and congested all over again. Is it possible to control your spring allergies in a natural, non-toxic way? Absolutely! Instead of reaching for all the medications that barely work and leave you groggy, why not try NOSK?

What Causes Seasonal Allergies?

Many plants use microscopic granules from the male organs to fertilize the seed-bearing female counterparts. As plants revive from their winter dormancy, many begin to generate pollen to be broadcast on the wind. Usually, trees awaken first, followed by grasses, flowers and weeds.

When you unavoidably inhale pollens into your nasal passages, you may suffer an allergic reaction. For many who endure spring allergies, the immune system treats certain pollens as infectious agents, triggering a response similar to having a cold. Your sinuses first try to rid you of the pollen by sneezing and generating mucus. Sinus drip brings on the familiar bouts of coughing.

Once you encounter the pollens that cause your allergic reactions, your immune system becomes primed to react constantly. In other words, it becomes a bit hypersensitive to the offending pollen. Some medications, if taken before you inhale the pollen, can calm the immune system overreaction. But another effective weapon against seasonal allergies is to block your nose from inhaling pollen in the first place. This you can do easily and comfortably with NOSK nasal filters.


What are NOSK Nasal Filters?

Made from three layers of non-allergenic microfiber mesh, the patented NOSK filters — shaped like umbrellas and somewhat similar in action — fit into each nostril. Each filter is connected to the other by an unobtrusive, clear clip. The clip prevents inhalation of the filters into your sinus cavities and from falling out of your nose when you breathe out. 

How Does NOSK Work?

NOSK nasal filters block the inhalation of particulates as small as one-third of a micron, which is one-millionth of a meter. Pollens come in sizes ranging from three microns to ten. By inserting these small filters into your nostrils, they prevent you from inhaling pollens and plenty of other airborne particulates. NOSK filters offer the first step to bringing your allergies under control. They may be all you need.

When you inhale, the umbrella opens and expands to fit your nostril walls and filter out tiny particulates. When you exhale, the umbrella folds down to allow the air to escape. This ingenious design effectively replaces large, uncomfortable face masks that can still permit particulates to enter.

Where Can I Get NOSK Products?

Breathe well this spring with NOSK! To make a purchase, head on over to Amazon!