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You Asked, We Answered!

People often don’t understand what NOSK is or what it does when they hear about it for the first time. You can think of NOSK as a personal air filtration system. It consists of thin and soft nasal filters that go into each nostril. A thin strip holds the filters in place and keeps them indistinguishable to others. The NOSK filters prevent you from inhaling allergens, hazardous substances, and other pollutants. Below are additional questions and answers about NOSK.

How Does NOSK Work?

Each nasal filter contains microfibers that continually filter out harmful particles as you breathe. They do not interfere with your breathing in any way. The filters trap airborne particles before you have the chance to breathe them in and develop allergy symptoms or other common reactions.

How Do I Start Using NOSK?

Before using the filters for the first time, remove one at a time and place separately in each nostril. When you breathe in, the inhaled air helps to set the nostril filters in place. When you exhale, the NOSK product contracts and enables air to escape your nose. The filters slide gently out of your nasal cavity when it’s time to remove them.

How Do I Know if This Product is Right for Me?

NOSK is ideal for people with asthma or allergies who want a drug-free way to prevent symptoms. It’s also a good alternative when you know you will temporarily be in an environment that could cause respiratory distress even if you don’t have these conditions. However, you should not use this product

if you have a pierced nose or a deviated septum.

What Studies Have Been Conducted to Prove That NOSK Works?

Several medical scientists have conducted laboratory studies that indicate these filters can trap dust and other allergens greater than one micron. NOSK has received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It also passed a test proving it had no harmful chemicals, elements or compounds in Korea.

How Do Manufacturers Create NOSK?

An N95 filter and sterile-grade medical materials are the primary components of the nasal filters. The product is non-toxic and free of adhesives and latex.

Can I Reuse my NOSK Filters?                                                                        Nosk nasal filters are made for one time use.

Can I Safely Use NOSK with Other Medications?

Yes. Since NOSK is completely drug-free, you don’t have to worry about a harmful reaction with any other medication that you take.

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